freshworks CRM

freshworks CRM

Your sales force needs a better CRM

Your team can now use AI-based lead scoring, built-in phone, email, activity capture and more - freshworks NZ

Use built-in phone and email - Make more calls, send targeted emails and get in touch with your prospects, in just a click

Find the best sales leads - Surface your high potential leads - those who exhibit sales-ready buying signals and behaviours

Have relevant conversations - Dive deep into a prospect's engagement level, get context and plan your conversations

Manage sales pipeline better - Easily track the progress of your deals - add tasks, set up meetings, send emails and make calls from the deal card

Get smarter with email - Stay on your toes with real-time alerts on email opens, link clicks and more



Intelligent marketing automation
for fast-paced teams

Freshmarketer powers your marketing lifecycle - freshworks NZ

Acquisition - Gain more qualified leads with conversion optimisation. Improve your website, optimise its performance and make the most of your traffic to drive more signups.

Retention - Prioritise long term profitability and improve your retention. Add more value for your customers, convert them into brand advocates, delight and retain them with powerful automation.

Engagement - Nurture your customer relationships with powerful email marketing. Design, develop and send captivating emails that are relevant, personalised and highly targeted.



IT service desk that's actually simple

Easy-to-use, simple-to-configure IT service desk solution in the cloud - freshworks NZ

Easy to use and set up - Freshservice's modern and intuitive UI requires minimal to no training and is customisable to IT and non-IT needs

Multi-channel support - Automate tasks and provide support for issues raised via email, self-service portal, phone, chat or in person

Gamify your service - Turn your service desk into a highly engaging and fun experience for your agents

Information at your fingertips - Maintain records of contracts, hardware, software and other assets, including all details from acquisition to expiry

Best rated mobile app - Leverage the best rated mobile service desk app for iOS and Android, and support your high impact employees who are on the road



Intuitive, feature-rich, affordable customer support software

Conversations made easier with streamlined support channel - freshworks NZ

Collaborations made stronger - Invite anyone - agents, colleagues or external business partners - to discuss and solve tickets through Freshconnect

Support made more automatic - These automations will help you eliminate repetitive tasks, organise your helpdesk and keep an eye on critical events

Answers made available faster - Compile tutorials or DIY guides for your customers so they get answers faster and can solve simple problems by themselves

Insights made more accessible - Monitor your teams easily and take data driven decisions to hit your support targets with customisable Team Dashboards



'Wow' your customers at their fingertips

Freshchat helps you engage and delight your customers wherever they are - web, mobile and social messengers.

Context-first inbox with customer timeline and an ecosystem of apps - Go a step further with conversational flows that lead to purchase or deeper engagement. Send campaigns that trigger conversational bots based on your customer’s demography or behavior

Faster response and resolution time is great but is not the whole story - Don’t just defect customer queries but go a step further with conversational flows that lead to purchase or deeper engagement.

Send proactive campaigns that trigger conversational bots based on your prospect or customer’s demography or behavior - Qualify leads, book meetings, reduce cart abandonment and crush your revenue goals. 

Our support and sales bots are built on top of AI and ML that detect the intent of your prospects and customers to either lets bots engage or transfer the conversation to a human.

Build and launch bots in hours, not weeks - Connect with CRM or ERP tools to automate advanced queries. Launch on website, mobile app, WhatsApp, FB Messenger and more. Unified inbox across email, call, chat and messenger apps.