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Green Mouse Consulting. Business systems
to streamline small to medium businesses.

Our team is here to help your
business run smoothly

Like our namesake we're small, yet agile, with the skills, experience and passion for providing beautifully simple business systems. Headquartered in Cambridge, New Zealand we bring 'Kiwi ingenuity' to another level, ensuring that each and every customer has a system which is perfect for their business needs.  

Green Mouse Consultants use the award-winning
Freshworks software - sleek, simple and intuitive


Freshworks - the answer for business systems and software

Close those deals faster

Keep your sales team in the know about prospects

Reach your customers

Acquire, engage and retain customers with intelligent marketing automation

Streamline your
IT services

Manage internal requests from your employees with ease

Resolve customer issues faster

Empower your team to work together to problem solve

Our fresh solutions are provided
by our partner:

Green Mouse Consulting is your local Cambridge-based Shopify eCommerce partner